In addition to specific limitations with respect to usage of the file system and submitting jobs, there are some general usage guidelines to which we expect ARCC HPC users to abide:

  • Users may not share their account access information (i.e., ssh keys and passphrase);
  • If a user account is compromised, users must notify ARCC system administrators as soon as this is discovered;
  • Users will not install software into their general locations unless it is properly licensed;
  • Users will not use excessive computational and memory resources on the login nodes -- serious computation should be reserved to the compute blades and requested via the compute blades;
  • Users will keep informed of technical and policy changes by reading the announcements supplied on the ARCC website and via the users email list;
  • Technical questions and problems should be reported to (Click on "..." to reveal the address).
About the UCF ARCC:

The University of Central Florida (UCF) Advanced Research Computing Center is managed by the Institute for Simulation and Training, with subsidies from the UCF Provost and Vice President for Research and Commercialization, for the use by all UCF faculty and their students. Collaboration with other universities and industry is also possible.

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