The UCF ARCC has a number of resources available to users:


Clusters for computation and visualization

The Stokes cluster is our largest (and oldest) cluster with over 4,600 cores.

On our site, you can read more about:


The Newton GPU cluster is our newest, special purpose cluster.

Its focus is on specialized computation and visualization, and is a research area we hope to grow.

Data Transfer for big data

A dedicated Research Network provides faster-than-usual data transfers into and out of the ARCC.

Kept separate from the UCF "enterprise" network, it operates at 10 Gbps from border router to wall jack and connects directly to Internet2 via Florida Lambda Rail without packet loss. Both the Stokes and Newton clusters are nodes on it.

About the UCF ARCC:

The University of Central Florida (UCF) Advanced Research Computing Center is managed by the Institute for Simulation and Training, with subsidies from the UCF Provost and Vice President for Research and Commercialization, for the use by all UCF faculty and their students. Collaboration with other universities and industry is also possible.

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