The UCF Advanced Research Computing Center (ARCC) is establishing a local user group for scientists and engineers who interact with high-end computing infrastructures. Our first meeting will be held in room 209 of the Partnership II building from 5:00p to 6:30p on Wednesday, August 27th. All with interest in high performance computing are very welcome to attend. IST will provide pizza and soft drinks. If anyone from your group is planning to come, try to let me know so I can get an accurate head count for the food.

This user group is intended to serve a broad group that includes student and faculty researchers, as well as area industry leaders in the area. Those who regularly interact with high performance computing facilities and smaller-scale compute clusters for advanced computation in research and industry face unique challenges and opportunities, and we can all learn from one another’s experiences. In an effort to foster a greater community where these challenges and opportunities can be shared with others, the ARCC team is interested in helping bring together HPC professionals for informal discussions, programmatic events such as guest lectures, and socialization. We plan on meeting periodically — perhaps monthly — in the evening in the Central Florida Research Park at UCF. Please contact for more information (click "..." to reveal address).

The agenda for this first meeting will be very relaxed. We will primarily focus on group logistics and getting to know one another. I will speak for a few minutes about our goals and objectives for this group then we’ll have a brief discussion about how we would like to organize this group. During this discussion, we’ll try to flesh out a near-term schedule. Finally, we will save some time to introduce people to one another. To that end: If your group wants to give me one slide, I can add it to a small set of slides and give you five minutes or so to speak about how your group uses HPCs and why you came. If you don’t want to give me a slide, but still want the 5 minutes to talk, that’s fine … just let me know. There will be future opportunities for more thorough talks.

Please forward this message to those you believe would be interested.

About the UCF ARCC:
The University of Central Florida (UCF) Advanced Research Computing Center is managed by the Institute for Simulation and Training, with subsidies from the UCF Provost and Vice President for Research and Commercialization, for the use by all UCF faculty and their students. Collaboration with other universities and industry is also possible.
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