Stokes and Newton have returned to operation! Please remember that we have two such maintenance downtime periods per year, one in late Fall and one in late Spring (the one we just completed).

Please take a moment to read over the changes:

  1. The base OS of the nodes was upgraded to CentOS 7.4, and the resource manager was upgraded to SLURM 17.11.6. This has fixed a problem we were having with GPU reservations on Newton.
  2. The NSF file system that supports our shared applications area was expanded.
  3. The IST external core network switches were repaired, so our external links should be back to 20 Gb/s (they have been 10 Gb/s for several months).
  4. There is a new version of the node matrix for Stokes, and now one is available for Newton.
  5. Newer versions of a number of pieces of software were built, including gdal, geos, proj, openbugs, lapack, and openmpi.
  6. The applications in /apps/jags were rebuilt with newer compilers and renamed to fix some inconsistencies with our naming standards; the modules were also renamed. The old distributions are no longer present. This may affect some R users. You can find out more by typing:
      module avail jags/jags
  7. We have begun the process of rebuilding and cleaning up the R builds. Currently, the old builds and modules still exist; however, over the summer we will be transitioning to 3.5.0 under newer build tools. By the end of the summer we hope to have moved all users off of older versions of R. All library packages currently installed will still be available. If you are an R user and have concerns, please contact us.

We appreciate your attention and wish you the best of luck with your research. If you have any questions or concerns, please submit a ticket.

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