Stokes and Newton have returned to operation! Please remember that we have two such maintenance downtimes per year, one in late Fall (the one we just completed) and one in late Spring.

Please take a moment to read over the changes:

  1. Eight new nodes were installed (ec[49-56]). They all have the new Skylake Intel processors (32 cores per node) and 192 GB of memory.
  2. We replaced our data transfer node with a new machine.
  3. The scheduling software was upgraded to SLURM 17.11.0. All commands and scripts syntax should behave as they have before.
  4. All software built directly against slurm libraries (e.g., certain MVAPICH2 and OpenMPI libraries and software depending on them) are no longer available. Please contact us if you have trouble using an alternative module.
  5. The file system firmware, Lustre server software, and Lustre client software were upgraded. This should not affect users.
  6. Our Python builds had a lot of inconsistencies and errors, so we took this opportunity to clean these up and rebuild everything. There are now only four Python modules, so some of you may have to change your scripts to use the new modules. The python modules are:
    • python/python-2.7.14-gcc-7.1.0
    • python/python-3.6.3-gcc-7.1.0
    • python/python-2.7.14-ic-2017.1.043
    • python/python-3.6.3-ic-2017.1.043
  7. The environment module system was replaced with a new system, Lmod. The syntax for this system is the same as the old, so your scripts should not have to change. However, the new system has a lot more functionality. For more information about it, see:
  8. Because we have a new module system, we had to re-write all our module scripts. The vast majority of modules were replicated in the new system just as they were in the old. If you experience problems with any new modules, please submit a ticket by sending email to (Click on "..." to reveal the address). There were some changes to few modules:
    • apache-maven-3.5.0 was renamed to maven-3.5.0
    • scalapack-2.0.2-mvapich2-2.2-ic-2017.1.043 was removed
    • protobuf-3.1.0-gcc-6.2.0 was removed
    • vasp-5.4-openmpi-1.8.6-ic-2015.3.187 was renamed to vasp-5.4-openmpi-1.8.3-ic-2015.3.187
    • libdrm-2.4.81-ic-2017 was renamed to libdrm-2.4.81-ic-2017.1.043
    • meep-1.3-gcc-4.9.2 was renamed meep-1.3-openmpi-1.8.3-gcc-4.9.2
    • partitionfinder-1.1.1-ps1 was renamed partitionfinder-1.1.1-pf1
    • petsc-3.5.2-openmpi-1.8.3-ic-2013 was renamed petsc-3.5.2-openmpi-1.8.3-gcc-4.9.2
    • qt-4.8.3-gcc-4.9.2 was renamed qt-4.8.3-gcc-6.2.0
    • qt-5.8.0-ic-2017 was renamed qt-5.8.0-ic-2017.1.043
    • torch-cuda-7.5.18-openblas-0.2.13-ic-2015.3.187 was renamed to torch-cuda-7.5.18-openblas-0.2.13-gcc-4.9.2
    • openblas-0.2.13-gcc-6.2.0-openmp was renamed
    • armadillo-7.900-1-gcc-6.2.0 renamed to armadillo-7.900.1-gcc-6.2.0
    • arlequin-3552 renamed to arlequin-3522
    • R-3.4.1-openmpi-2.1.1-gcc-7.1.0 was removed
    • pegasus-4.7.4-gcc-7.1.0 was removed
    • All slurm-16.05 module variants were removed, as described above in item #4
    • The python modules were corrected as described in item #6
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