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Thanks for your interest! You can request an account by using our User Registration form. If you are a UCF student, please make sure your faculty advisor has approved it as we will be contacting him/her. Also, be sure to read the User Agreement.
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This could be a number of different issues, but the most common one is a private-key not working. First verify that it is asking for a "passphrase" instead of a "password." If it is asking for a "password" it is because your ssh-key wasn't used. Verify that you haven't moved or deleted your private-key. If you are certain that the path to your private key is correct, and it is still asking for a "password", check "Why was my private key ignored?(Mac&Linux)"
If you've already verified that your key is there, then you most likely have a permissions issue. Try running "sudo chmod 600 (your_private_key)", where "(your_private_key)" is the path to your private key, and see if that fixes the issue.
If, after trying this, and verfying your pathing, it still doesn't work, submit a ticket to request-stokes and we'll assist you further.
Once you've submitted your User Registration, we look over it as soon as we can, verify a couple of things, and create your account. After we have created your account, we will then respond to the E-mail you used to sign up, to schedule a meeting for your orientation, and some information about it. At the orientation, you'll be given a basic overview of the cluster, and that is where you will get your credentials to log in.
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The University of Central Florida (UCF) Advanced Research Computing Center is managed by the Institute for Simulation and Training, with subsidies from the UCF Provost and Vice President for Research and Commercialization, for the use by all UCF faculty and their students. Collaboration with other universities and industry is also possible.
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