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The UCF ARCC houses high performance computing (HPC) resources that are subsized by the UCF Provost and Vice President of Research and Commercialization for use in research by faculty (and their students) across the campus. In addition, advanced network capabilities exist and additional ones are being installed (a so-called "Science DMZ").

For scientists, by scientists.

The ARCC is co-managed by scientists for scientists, and works to ensure the best possible HPC experience for completing advanced computational-based research. Since we are users as well, we are aware of the needs of researchers and work diligently to provide those resources so all can benefit. The ARCC staff are largely computer scientists (pursuing research in machine learning and visualization) that are also well versed in information technology. We also have a small advisory board of UCF faculty scientists (our stakeholders) to make sure we are aware of issues and to gain their feedback on our ideas. This combination provides a very strong research tool for UCF faculty and even external industry partners.

Research supported by the ARCC covers a wide variety of areas, including Engineering, Modeling and Simulation, Optics, Nanoscience, Chemistry, Physics, Astronomy, and Biology. Qualified personnel maintain and upgrade the center's resources and help researchers who want to use them in their research. The administration of the University has committed to providing ongoing support for the ARCC as a central resource for the campus. Center personnel are actively engaged in seeking funding to expand the center’s capability to perform HPC research, in addition to providing “production” computing resources for UCF researchers. The ARCC is a full member of Florida’s Sunshine State Education and Research Computing Alliance.

Currently, the ARCC houses two High Performance Computing ("HPC") clusters, Stokes and Newton, and 240 TB of storage along with 20 Gb/s network connections to the UCF core network and Advanced Research Network (ARNet). Stokes includes over 3,700 Intel Xeon® CPU cores and 56 Gb/s FDR InfiniBand interconnect between all nodes. Newton is a GPU accelerated cluster with a total of 40 NVidia Tesla V100 GPUs across 20 nodes with 100 Gb/s EDR InfiniBand. In addition, the ARCC has 250kW of available power with an uninterruptible power supply and generator, all supported by 100 tons of dedicated cooling.

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On this site, you can read the various policies of the ARCC, learn from tutorials covering some of the software available for use, request a login account, and even get help with using the resources of the ARCC!

About the UCF ARCC:
The University of Central Florida (UCF) Advanced Research Computing Center is managed by the Institute for Simulation and Training, with subsidies from the UCF Provost and Vice President for Research and Commercialization, for the use by all UCF faculty and their students. Collaboration with other universities and industry is also possible.
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